Foil vs Single Skin vs LEI for Foilboarding


Foil vs Single Skin vs LEI for Foilboarding

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In this video we compare a foil kite to a single skin kite to an inflatable kite for foilboarding in light wind. We discuss the power, low end performance, relaunch, cost, advantages and disadvantages of each kite in our opinion, based on our real life experience hydrofoiling with each kite on our large foil wing in marginal wind. Enjoy! Help us continue making videos with PATREON: Kitejunkie relaunching PEAK4 69/70 times\u0026t=307s —————————————————————————— Check out the gear we use: —————————————————————————— Check us out on Instagram: Laurie: Yuri: ——————————————————————————


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